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Hej kära Folk, and Welcome!

My name is Niles (pronounce "Nils") Anderssøn, currently live near Leksand in Dalarna, Sweden (Originally from Östergötland).

As one who spent some years in the Middle East (I lived among the unofficially Youth Scandinavian Community in Western Jerusalem), I am now (Since 2015) practicing my Hebrew writing skills on a regular basis as a "Wikipedian" in the Hebrew-Wikipedia. Most of my work there is translating and/or transliterating Scandinavian names into Hebrew as well as my RC Patrol's duties.

I am also a big fun of my beloved team IFK Norrköping (2015 Allsvenskan & Svenska Supercupen Winners!) and Barcelona.

Best of wishes for you all!

Niles (User:אנדרסן)


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